Young Bboys and Bgirls Battle at Kids Breaking League Studios –


On Jan. 19, Kids Breaking League studios held a series of dance battles where young bboys and bgirls competed. After bboying began with the birth of hip hop in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York City, bboying, pending a final vote in December, could become an Olympic sport appearing for the first time in the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. It appeared for the first time in the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Argentina. The dance competitions at KBL studios were a microcosm of the growth of young bboys and bgirls that has contributed to the evolution of breaking as a dance form and culture.

Bboy Kid Glyde of Queens, president of the Dynamic Rockers crew, founded Kids Breaking League in 2017. KBL is a collection of dance coaches across the tri-state area mentoring young bboys and bgirls by holding classes and organizing competitions in multiple venues for their students to sharpen their skills.

Before the dance battles on Sunday at KBL studios, bboy Evade from Salinas, California of the Dynamic Rockers crew and Realentless crew held a dance workshop for children and teens.

To start the dance competition, there was a four on four breaking battle between the Dynamic Kids crew from KBL studios and 6 Steps Before the Lord crew from the Bronx. 6 Steps won the battle.

The one-on-one dance tournament featured several dancers grouped into four brackets – beginner, beginner plus, intermediate and advanced. Bboy Quake, bboy Fireball, bboy Treble and bboy Rinto won each level respectively.

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