Video Of Giannis Antetokounmpo Trying To Hit A Baseball Going Viral – The Spun

Giannis Antetokounmpo definitely is playing the right sport. If his NBA MVP Award wasn’t enough evidence of this, watching him swing a baseball bat should be.

Giannis is in New York City tonight, hanging out in the Bronx watching the Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays. Before the game, he got to meet some of the Yankee players and tour the facilities.

The team even let him hit in the indoor batting cage. Or, they let him try to hit.

In the video below, the “Greek Freak” struggles mightily hitting off a tee. Even with some instruction from Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames, he makes contact with the tee itself instead of the ball on his second swing.

He rebounded a little on his final two swings at least.

Clearly, Giannis will be sticking to basketball. Kudos to him for having a sense of humor about the whole thing too.

Of course, any Yankee fans who are also New York Knicks fans could care less how he swings a bat. They would probably whack themselves with the bat a couple of times for the chance to land Giannis in free agency in 2021, should he become available.