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Ever wonder what famous New Yorkers like to order when dining around town? We’ve got that info for you. As part of a new campaign dubbed Order In, Help Out, American Express and Resy just launched a slew of limited-edition takeout packages for two from popular restaurants all across the country, including New York City—some of them curated by the likes of actor Justin Theroux and chef Kwame Onwuachi.

Here are more details: you can purchase the packages via Resy already (here’s the direct link to that), and they’ll be available for pickup every Tuesday for a month starting February 23.  

Participating New York City restaurants include Di An Di, Don Angie, Fish Cheeks, Kokomo, Pastis, The Smile and Spicy Moon. The multi-course to-go packages will be chock-full of each restaurant’s most popular dishes, plus new exclusive items. 

Celebrity-curated packages include Theroux’s box from The Smile and Onwuachi’s work with Fish Cheeks. Theroux’s go-to order at the downtown spot includes coconut shrimp over coconut Jasmine rice; a baby kale, mizuna and sunchoke salad; a sea salt chocolate chip cookie and a Laura Palmer (that’s a lemonade/hibiscus iced tea concoction, in case you’re wondering) to wash it all down. If opting for Onwuachi’s package at Fish Cheeks, expect a delivery of grilled pork cheeks, zabb wings, crab fried rice and coconut crab curry.

The campaign, obviously an effort to help independent restaurants across the country during these challenging times, also released a hit list of pointers for diners wanting to support their local eateries. Some of the suggestions include to order liberally (“don’t be afraid to get extra and embrace leftovers, because so many restaurants have redesigned menus to travel and reheat well”), to double up on eateries on the same night, to always order beverages alongside food and, of course, to be generous with tips.

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