New York activists to plant anti-de Blasio billboards all over Iowa asking why he ignores his own city – Washington Examiner

Residents of New York City want to remind their mayor, Bill de Blasio, a contender in the 2020 Democratic nomination, that he still has a city to run, and activists plan to remind him of this when large billboards go up around Iowa attacking the mayor for making the city an afterthought on his schedule.

According to a press statement released by the West 58 th Street Coalition on Wednesday, New York City residents and businesses will be going after the mayor with large billboards throughout the Hawkeye State for ignoring the residents’ concerns about a proposed homeless shelter one block away from New York’s “Billionaires Row.”

The billboard images, which the group plans to spend around $100,000 on, will be placed in key political areas of the state like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

The mayor, who is in his final term, has been criticized over the past few weeks for missing key city events like the Puerto Rican Day parade, the funeral of 9/11 hero Luis Alvarez, and the funeral of an NYPD officer. He was also away on the campaign trail when the partial blackout in the city, which left millions without electricity, occurred in July.

The activists behind the campaign say they will keep the anti-de Blasio billboards up until de Blasio meets with them about a “fire-trap building that he plans to put hundreds of homeless in, threatening their safety.”

“There are over 61,000 homeless individuals living in New York, the highest number since the Great Depression. De Blasio has among the least support in his campaign for president, finishing at 0% in the polls,” the West 58 th Street Coalition said in a statement. “The homeless shelter is anticipated to impact property values, discourage Central Park South tourism, and adversely impact businesses in this residential neighborhood.”