Great White Shark Spotted Just Dozens Of Miles From NYC – New York City, NY Patch

NEW YORK — A nearly 10-foot-long great white shark has been spotted in the Long Island Sound just a few dozen miles from New York City, according to the marine life research organization

The shark is named Cabot (after the explorer John Cabot) and was initially tagged by Ocearch in Nova Scotia in Canada. It weighs more than 500 pounds.

Cabot’s presence marks the first time that a great white has been tracked in Long Island Sound, the group states.

Tracking is done through GPS “ping” signals that tagged sea creatures give off, and Cabot’s ping was logged at about 9 a.m. near Greenwich, Connecticut, writes NBC Connecticut. collects data on sea creatures to assist scientists in gathering information that had otherwise been unattainable.

“Our mission is to accelerate the ocean’s return to balance and abundance, through fearless innovations in scientific research, education, outreach, and policy, using unique collaborations of individuals and organizations in the U.S. and abroad,” the group states.

Reported by Alfred Branch/Patch