CNN’s latest poll on 2020 Democrats: Live analysis – CNN

One of the more interesting phenomenons in our poll comes from a question which asks potential Democratic primary voters the candidates they are interested in hearing more about besides the candidate they support.

Following the June debates, there was a lot of interest in candidates not named Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. At least 15% of voters said they were interested in hearing more about Cory Booker (17%), Pete Buttigieg (23%), Julián Castro (16%), Kamala Harris (30%) and Elizabeth Warren (24%).

Now take a look at these same candidates: Booker (10%, down 7 points), Buttigieg (13%, down 10 points), Castro (5%, down 11 points), Harris (18%, down 12 points) and Warren (20%, down 4 points).

Meanwhile, the same 15% and 16% continue to want to hear more about Biden and Sanders respectively.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that a debate would shake things up. The first debate was the first time many voters saw these different candidates in action.

But our poll suggests that interest was just a passing fancy for now.

While we still have a long way to go until the first votes are cast, Biden and Sanders are holding onto their roughly 30% and 15% of the vote respectively.