Buccaneers, Seahawks, Chargers headline NFL teams with concerning Week 9 losses – NFL.com

The loss: Las Vegas Raiders 31, Los Angeles Chargers 26

You can’t make it up. You just can’t.

Justin Herbert capped off a pulsating, game-winning drive with a touchdown pass at the gun … until he didn’t. Herbert threw a touchdown pass to tight end Donald Parham, but it was rightly overturned on replay, when like the sixth camera angle showed that the ball did indeed hit the ground. On the heels of the debacle in Denver, it’s the second straight week the Chargers have lost on the final play of the game. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Chargers would have no luck at all.

Herbert was breathtaking yet again, but he still has just one win to show for this spectacular rookie year. This was another gut punch for the amazing Chargers fans. I don’t know how you do it every week. To recap the heartache, in case you are scoring at home …

Week 2: The Chargers blow two leads — including one of 11 points — and lose to Kansas City in overtime.

Week 4: Los Angeles jumps out to a 24-7 lead over Tampa Bay in the second quarter, but a fumble right before halftime jump-starts the Buccaneers’ comeback win.

Week 5: Up 20-3 on the Saints in the second quarter, the Bolts blow the lead, kicker Mike Badgley knocks a would-be, 50-yard game-winner off the upright at the end of regulation, and L.A. loses in overtime.

And then the last two weeks, when the Chargers literally lost in the last second of each game.

You really cannot make this up.