400 People Busted Partying at Illegal Midtown Club by NYC Sheriffs – NBC New York

Deputies in New York City broke up another massive party held amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

Over the holiday weekend, deputies found nearly 400 people partying in an illegal club in Midtown. The authorities shut down the club just before 3 a.m. Saturday on West 36th Street next door to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle.

Four organizers of the party were arrested on charges of holding a mass gathering against city and state orders, and for operating without a liquor license.

The New York City Sheriff’s Office tweeted photos of the bust and the dozens of alcohol bottles recovered from the scene.

The bust comes as Mayor Bill de Blasio and his education and health officials work to reopen public schools.

New York City recorded 1,589 new cases of the coronavirus, the mayor announced on Saturday. By the city’s reporting, the 7-average for the five boroughs reached 3.64 percent.

Deputies busted another illegal club two days prior on the Thanksgiving holiday. A party was broken up on Junction Boulevard in Queens where at least 76 were found inside, the sheriff said in a tweet.