Day: June 2, 2019

When Detroit Was on Top of the Sports World – The New York Times

When Detroit Was on Top of the Sports World  The New York Times

More than half a century before Boston goalie Tuukka Rask first stepped onto Finnish ice, Detroit staged one of its grandest banquets, a jubilant affair celebrating unparalleled sports excellence. On Saturday evening, April 18, 1936, limousines chauffeuring a parade of stars arrived at the majestic Masonic Temple. There were Tigers, Lions and Red Wings aplenty, as well as the boxer Joe Louis, the boat racer Gar Wood, the Olympians Eddie Tolan and Dick Degener, the golfer Walter Hagen and dozens of other conquering athletic heroes. Days earlier, Detroit had completed the sports trifecta, bec…

Cannabis oil prompts debate about NY marijuana legalization – New York Post

Cannabis oil prompts debate about NY marijuana legalization  New York Post

City lawmakers are gearing up to fight the Health Department’s ban on the cannabis oil CBD, saying the compound should be treated the same as pot in the debate over legalization. “We see it as kind of ironic that we are going after CBD while doing a legalization push for marijuana,” said Winthrop Roosevelt, spokesman for City Councilman Mark Levine. He added that Levine, chair of the council’s Health Committee, is authoring a bill to make CBD legal. The Health Department announced in February that it was barring all CBD additives in food and drinks sold at restaurants. A naturally occurring…